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Pro Ride offers a range of cycling activities to help children of all ages gain the confidence and skills needed to get the best from their cycling now and in the future. All our programs are fun, action-packed, engaging and use a variety of games, challenges and mini races to teach key skills. Our programs include:


  • Balance Bike Training for EYFS and KS1

  • Beginners & Scooter Days for KS1

  • Cycle Racing Taster Days for KS2

  • Whole-School Taster Days for smaller schools

  • After-School Cycling Clubs

  • 2-Day Road Safety Course

  • Cycling Competitions & Tournaments

  • CPD Instructor Training Courses for staff


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"Thousands of children are experiencing new found confidence thanks to taking part in a Pro Ride cycling session"

Balance Bike Days - EYFS/KS1


Pro-Ride Balance Bike Days are a fun way to help early years children develop coordination, concentration and balance skills, preparing them for riding a pedal bike confidently and safely in the future.


The day caters for up to 90 children and is split into sessions of 30 to 45 minutes, fit around the school day. Each session offers children as young as three the chance to learn the basics of bike-handling, manoeuvring, starting, stopping and balancing, gradually developing skills and confidence through a series of action-packed games, challenges and races.


Sessions take place indoors or out using the school hall or playground and are suitable for all levels of ability from beginners upwards. All equipment is provided – balance bikes, helmets and track equipment.


Schools, nurseries and coaching organisations wishing to run their own sessions can do so by joining one of our Balance Bike Instructor courses. Options are available for half day or full day courses and can be arranged with or without the purchase of training equipment (bikes, helmets and obstacle kits), see below.


CycleSport Taster Days - KS2


CycleSport Taster Days are our most popular program and a great way to get children cycling and sample cycle racing in a safe, controlled environment. Coached by an expert instructor, the days consist of up to four hour-long sessions of fast, furious action starting with the basics and progressing to through a series of challenges to head to head circuit racing,

Children learn basic techniques like starting and stopping, cornering and group riding before taking part in obstacle challenges, mini-competitions, games and races all based on velodrome circuit set up on the school playground or field.

Sessions fit around the normal school day and are suitable for riders of all abilities. The children use their own bikes but helmets can be provided by arrangement. 

Staff Training/CDP


Our one-day and half day CPD workshops are designed for teachers and support staff and coaches who want to run their own sessions.


We run two types of workshops - a one-day KS1/2 workshop for the Cycle Sports Program and a one day and half-day Balance Bike Instructor Course.


The workshops use a practical, hands-on to approach to show to set up a range of different cycling circuits and deliver each of the activities in a variety of settings.

Trainees learn how to deliver the program to different ages and group sizes, how to prepare for and organise sessions and how to ensure each session remains engaging and fun. Live sessions using children from the host school are delivered on site.  With an emphasis on practical learning, the workshop is a mix of outdoor demonstrations, practical instruction and classroom seminars.

A comprehensive
50 page training manual containing sample session plans, activity descriptions and lots of helpful hints and tips is delivered with the workshop.

After-School Clubs


Pro-Ride clubs are an ideal way to develop friendships through an interest in cycling.


With a wide range of activities available in the program, club sessions can be delivered using a mixture of fun games, mini-challenges and adapted races to improve basic bike handling, fitness and confidence.


It is hoped that some children will make the step up from these clubs to join local cycling clubs or get involved in other programs like British Cycling's Go-Ride program.


Clubs can be run by a trained Pro-Ride instructor who will visit the school each week to run the sessions or by your own staff by attending the Pro-Ride one-day training workshop


Clubs can be arranged by booking Pro-Ride instructor to facilitate a six-week club program or schools can offer club places to be funded by parents. 

School Competitions


Pro Ride can provide all the support you need to organise and run any school or inter-school competition such as tournaments, festivals and leagues.


We can provide a full support service taking care of all the planning, administration and running of the event on the day - we can even provide specialist coaching support if needed.  


We are happy to work with local school clusters or regional school sports partnerships to help organise and run area-wide events. As part of this we can arrange competition schedules and leagues and record and publish results tables.


We can also provide support for the cycling element at the Sainsbury's School Games festivals and regional qualifying events.

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What the schools say...

"The children were wowed when they came out into their very own velodrome. Clear messages were delivered in a fun interactive way and every child gained a priceless lesson whilst still having fantastic fun"


Chris Dyson, Headteacher, Parklands Primary School, Leeds.