After-school Clubs

Cycling clubs are a great way to learn new skills, develop greater interest and knowledge about the sport and have fun with cycling and socialising with friends in a safe environment. 


We can offer clubs for all ages including Balance bike clubs for Nursery and Reception, Learn to Ride and Beginners clubs for KS1 and CycleSport Clubs for KS2. We also offer combined age group clubs for smaller village schools.


Clubs usually run once a week for five or six weeks during a half term and last for an hour. Parents can choose to drop off and pick up their children or stay and watch (or even help out with) the session.


Costs per block vary depending on numbers and length but are usually based on £5 a session and six sessions (£30 per block) Each session caters for between 12 and 20 children.


Most school sites can be used for cycling even if space is limited. All our coaches are suitably qualified and experienced in setting up safe tracks and activity areas. If you would like to discuss this or any other aspect of running a club in your school, please get in touch. 


Please feel free to email or call us for more information.