Develop confidence and coordination with a Balance Bike Taster Day


Our Balance Bike Taster days are a great way to see how Early Years children respond to balance biking and how quickly they develop their confidence and coordination. Within minutes children who have never been on a bike before are walking confidently, sat on the saddle. Soon they are weaving in and out of cones, ducking under limbos and flying over ramps. Before long and within the session the same children are beginning to balance and freewheel as they continue to grow in confidence.


Each Taster Day offers multiple sessions (4-6 in a school day) catering for up to 60 children in 30-45 minute sessions. Under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor, each child as young as three learns the basics of stepping, striding, balancing, starting and stopping, and turning through a series of fun activities in an action-packed session.


Sessions can take place indoors or out depending on weather and are suitable for all levels of ability from absolute beginners to confident pedlers. All equipment is provided including Strider balance bikes and helmets.

Taster days are designed as a stand-alone activity day and as such are suitable for use as a one-off experience but can be used to trial balance biking as a regular activity, perhaps prior to starting a school club or investing in equipment and training or running a Freewheelerz Learn to Ride Course.