Why we use Strider Balance Bikes

When it comes to quality, design and price, few balance bikes can compete with a Strider.


We have been using Striders since we first introduced or balance bike program in 2016. We only chose Strider after considerable research into the market and after consulting experts in the field. Whilst we felt there were good alternatives that offered some useful features, we concluded that Strider suited our purpose much better. Here are the key reasons for our choice:

Weight - the popular 12" Sport model was much lighter than anything else in its class, this is really important for the youngest children who don't have the strength to maneuver heavier bikes.


Adjustability - children come in all shapes and sizes, and we needed to make sure that we could do a good bike fitting in just a few seconds at the start of each session. The Strider's quick-release levers fitted to both handlebars and seat post provide the rapid adjustment we need for this situation.

Size range - this was and is an important consideration for us as we needed to be able to accommodate the smallest child in Nursery to the tallest in Reception (or even Year 1). With an extended seat post we were able to accommodate a very wide range of children from 2-year-old toddlers to 5-year-olds with the12 Sport, and from age 3 to age 7 with the Strider 14X.

Quality & Durability - Another important factor for us was how long they would last and how much maintenance would be needed. It turned out the bikes need almost no maintenance and despite the fact that our bikes are in constant use they look as good as new, even after several years.

Price - After reviewing most of the reliable options on the market, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Striders were the lowest price of all the bikes we looked at. It's probably not surprising then, that they've sold literally million of them worldwide.

Brand - This may be something many people feel isn't important but we wanted to make sure we were buying from a reputable manufacturer with a good track record for service and were likely to be around for some time. As Strider sells far more bikes than any other manufacturer, we were confident they would remain a top seller, be available for our customers when they need them and provide a good service for many years to come. So far we are content we made the right choice as strider continues to invest in R&D and provide the best options for us now and for the future.