School Competitions


Pro-Ride provide two programs aimed at competitive cycle racing, these are:

  • KS2 training and competition days, and

  • KS2 inter-school competition.

Both programs can be run on an individual or team basis and are offered as road, track or off-road options depending on facilities and time of year.


KS2 Training & Competition Day

This one-day event is designed for one KS2 class (usually year 5 or 6) and is split into a morning training session which is spent coaching the basic skills needed for racing such as starting, cornering, climbing, group riding, and sprinting, followed by a mini-tournament in the afternoon which introduces the children to some of the different kinds of races found in the sport. Points are awarded for each race and totaled at the end where the winners are presented with certificates, medals, and/or a trophy.





KS2 Inter-School Competition


We successfully trialed a competition in 2019 with 8 schools in North Yorkshire. Each used the Training & Competition Day to prepare and qualify their teams for the Inter-School event which was held at a school in Catterick.


Over the last 5 years, we have also been running a training and competition program for 8 schools in Leeds, with an inter-school final held in late June. This has proved popular and has enabled the schools to add cycling to their sports curriculum.  


We are happy to work with individual schools as well as sports partnerships, clusters, or trusts wanting to introduce a cycling element to their school's sports provision.  We are also happy to help organise and run area-wide qualifying and inter-school events.


We can also provide training for schools planning on entering teams into the Sainsbury's School Games festivals and regional qualifying events.