Run your own sessions with our one-day CDP Instructor courses


Our one-day training courses are designed for teachers and school staff who want to run their own sessions in school for curriculum-based activities or after-school clubs and competitions. Three courses are currently available, one for EYFS and the others for KS1 and KS2. All are delivered on-site by arrangement and incorporate taster sessions.


The workshop-style courses use a practical, hands-on approach to demonstrate how to set up a range of different cycling circuits and deliver a wide range of activities including games, challenges and races.

Trainees learn how to tailor the program to different group sizes and abilities and how to prepare for and organise sessions on the school site. Live "Taster" sessions using children from the host school help trainees to see the program in action and enable them to get alongside the trainer first hand. The KS1/2 workshops are delivered mainly outdoors with short classroom sessions covering elements of health & safety and risk assessment, the EYFS course can be delivered in or outdoors or a combination of both.

A detailed training manual containing sample session plans, activity descriptions and lots of helpful hints and tips is delivered with each course.