FAQ - About Freewheelerz 

What is Freewheelerz?

Freewheelerz, a learn-to-ride program for EYFS. The course has been designed to teach a child from absolute beginner to pedaling unaided in the space of a school term (10-12 weeks) and is led by a visiting instructor.  All equipment needed for the course is provided (bikes, helmets, session equipment and workbooks), so the children simply turn up with their group leader in 10's for their lesson each week.


How is the course structured?

An instructor will visit your school each week for 10 weeks to take the class (your class could be a full Nursery, Reception or Year 1 class of 32 children or a mix of children from different classes). Classes are split into groups of 10 with sessions delivered one after the other and can be timetabled to fit around the school day or completed after school as a club. Each session lasts approx 40 minutes.


How are the sessions taught?

The children are taught through a mixture of group activities and individual challenges. Progress is made by following a progressive training model that sees the children start with basic sitting and walking, starting, stopping, and turning. They then develop faster movement, pushing and striding, riding in pairs and groups plus maneuvering through obstacles to develop greater control. Finally, they focus on increasing their speed and freewheeling (lifting their feet off the ground whilst propelling their bikes forward). Once a child can confidently freewheel for some distance (this is usually about halfway through the course), pedals are added to their bike (using the Strider pedal conversion kit) and they continue tackling more challenges and attempting new skills on a pedal bike. To encourage progression from one stage to the next, the children take part in a variety of fun skill games and challenges that increase confidence, speed, and agility.


How are different abilities catered for?

Each child progresses at their own pace and moves on to the next stage only when they are ready - there is no pressure and children are encouraged to have fun repeating challenges as many times as they wish until they are confident in their ability. Children start the course at all different levels - some with little or no experience and some who can already ride a bike. Whatever level they start at, they always enjoy the sessions and increase their skills and confidence as they learn from or encourage their classmates. The groups can be differentiated by ability if required and can change as the course goes on.

What happens a typical weekly session?

The instructor will arrive 30 mins prior to the first session to set up the playground. The children are led out by a member of staff in groups of 10. They are firstly fitted with a helmet and given a bike which is adjusted to their size. Once everyone is ready (5 mins), the children warm-up with a game before making their way around an obstacle course set up on the playground. After some free play, the children are given the opportunity to show what they learned in the previous session before lining up to be taught some new skills which they then practice and repeat on a part of the obstacle course. As a child completes a required skill they add a sticker to the relevant section of their Sticker Booklet to encourage them to go on to the next challenge and level-up.  The session finishes with another game, a group challenge, or a race. before the children head back to class, badges are awarded for special achievements, and a certificate is awarded to the rider of the week.

How do I arrange a course for my school?

Click on the button below to complete the contact form and we will get back to you asap. Alternatively, call us on 01274 014173 or email at admin@proridecoaching.co.uk if you have a question. Whilst the programs we offer are aimed to fit the needs and budgets of most schools, we realise that every school is different so please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.