Our new Freewheelerz Learn to Ride program for EYFS.

Think how amazing it would be if every child in your school could be taught how to ride a bike in the first couple of years of them joining!  Well, now they can with Freewheelerz, our latest program for EYFS.

The drive behind this new program came about as a result of the positive feedback we have been getting from our Balance Bike Taster Days. Almost without exception, schools tell us how quickly the children take to the activity and want to continue with more sessions.

For this reason, we have designed a program that uses the successful format and methods used in the taster days but builds progressively into a full 10-week course resulting in most children being able to ride independently by the end.


The course follows a structured program that each week sees the children progress steadily from initially sitting and walking to pushing and stepping, followed by striding and steering, ducking and weaving, and eventually confidently freewheeling - at which point we add pedals (the Strider 14X bike used for the course converts from balance bike to pedal bike) to continue the course on a conventional pedal bike.


The program encourages the children to learn through play and fun, exploring and learning at their own pace - there is no pressure to keep up with other children, instead, they learn the skills they need through taking part in lots of fun games and challenges that they love and want to practice and repeat.

For more information on getting started with the program, choose one of the options below to continue.