September 01, 2019

Brigshaw Trust confirm coaching program for forth consecutive year

I'm delighted to announce that the Leeds-based Brigshaw Co-operative Trust have decided to use Pro-Ride for the second year running to deliver their cycling coaching and competition program for 2017-18. 


Seven primary schools that make up the Trust, based in the Kippax area will each receive a day's coaching and a half day intra-school competition starting this term. The top eight riders from years 5 and 6 will then go through to the finals - an inter-school tournament to be held at Brigshaw High School in the summer term.


Brigshaw's PE and Sports Coordinator, Gavin Parkinson commented "All the schools involved loved the activities last year and were keen to repeat it again this year. As we don't have a lot of cycling expertise here at Brigshaw, it is great to be able to hand over the whole thing to Pro Ride who coordinate the schedule, plan, organise and deliver the activities and events and deliver the results back to us. We are really looking forward to this year's program and hope it will cement what we started last year and continue to develop cycling in our schools for future years".


September 04, 2017

"Push n Scoot" is a hit with Junior Schools


Pro Ride "Push and Scoot Days" launched for the first time last year are set to continue.


The program, based on a version of the successful "Bike Sport Taster Day" offers schools a more inclusive experience as children use not only bikes but scooters, balance bikes, stablizers and a whole host of wheeled vehicles in a fun, action-packed sports activity.


Schools in Manchester and the North East were the first to test out the program last summer when they piloted the program using a variety of "wheels" and this year bookings are already coming in for more of the same.


Wheely Days are based on the same principals as the Taster day but instead of just using bikes, the children bring in their favorite wheeled vehicle which may be a scooter, a tricycle, a balance bike or even (as happened recently) a battery-propelled scooter! Foundation years can even bring in their wheeled toys (providing parents can carry them!).


The sessions start by guiding the whole group around a short circuit set up on the playground practicing following a line, starting, stopping and riding in single file. With some encouragement and a little guidance, the children then learn to weave in and out of cones, dip under limbo bars and even ride over logs. Once mastered, the children take part in a series of mini races and challenges before finishing with a certificate to reward their efforts.


The day is organised similar to the Tasters, splitting the children into groups and scheduling up to seven sessions to fit into the school day. 


Wheely Days are not just great fun and a good way to develop children's physical attributes like balance, gross motor skills and coordination, but also sharpens them mentally, helping with confidence, awareness, decision making and motivation. 

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