Get your kids pedaling with a ProRide Cycling Taster Day


Cycling is a great activity for children in so many ways, yet for many, finding somewhere safe and fun to ride their bikes and learn new skills is difficult. Now, with a Pro-Ride Taster day, they can do just that in the safety and security of their own school playground under the supervision of a qualified coach. 


Pro-Ride Taster days comprise multiple sessions in a day (usually 4) that offer children in KS1 or KS2 the chance to learn new skills, gain confidence and have fun with their friends. Prices depend on the number of children taking part in the day which can vary from one class to four.


What happens at a Taster Day?

Once you have booked a date for your Taster Day, we get in touch 2 weeks prior to the vist to find out more about your school and who will be taking part. Based on this information, we put together a plan for the day for your approval.


Taster days usually consist of 4 sessions - 2  in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. The sessions vary in content depending on the age and ability of those taking part but a typical session will start with a bike and helmet check, then get underway by developing basic riding skills on a track set up on the playground or, in summer, on the grass.


Skills such as starting, stopping, cornering, riding close to others, overtaking, riding in single file, in pairs, and in small groups are all covered here. The focus then switches to developing bike handling skills by using a series of activity stations where the children tackle different obstacles such as slalom, limbo, and ramps. Finally, the children get their chance to take on their friends in a series of fun races tailored to the age and ability of the group and the space available.


Children bring in their own bikes and helmets, but spares can be provided by prior arrangement. Helmets can be supplied.

Whole School Taster Days

For smaller schools, we operate a program that combines the above program with our balance bike taster. This enables every child in the school from Nursery to Year 6 to take part in a session. Days are usually split into 3 with 2 sessions in the morning and one all afternoon. The older children bring in their bikes, whilst the younger one's can either borrow one of our balance/pedal bikes or bring in their own.